The following are links to a few of my favorite sites on the web. Please note, I will notate the adult sites with “nudity” just so you know what you are heading into.

3D Art

  • PoserAddicts II - This is where some of my products for sale as well as freebies are located. Although the have a lot of scenery and Victoria 4 based items for sale for Poser/DAZ Studio, they have probably the most items available for Michael 3/4 and David 3.
  • - This site offers tutorials, 3D models and items for sale, and of course their free (and paid) version of a 3D art studio. If you are interested in created some of the artwork that’s you’ve seen, this is a good way to start.
  • MalePoserotica (nudity, Adult) - This is the ultimate male 3D site for purchasing 3D adult props, figures, and other, ahem, items. Some of my artwork is located here as well as a few items for sale. Hey, although none of my items are intentionally naughty, they can certainly be used for naughty purposes!
  • Renderosity - This site gets a lot of my paycheck with the stuff they have to offer. They have a lot of figures, backgrounds and scenes, as well as merchant resource items to make items for sale.


  • House of Debbie (nudity) - This is my other website with a lot of off-color humor, forums, and a gallery with a collection of my Adult themed renders, and funny pictures and articles submitted by members. Whatever I feel like putting goes here!
  • Failblog - I get my daily laugh off on how stupid some people can be. Get your laugh on too!
  • Theme Park Review - Besides doing 3D art, I love riding rollercoasters. I’m a member of this site and usually take trips with the groups to various parks around the world! They get the other half of my check these days with this coaster trip to Italy! The owners of the site have been featured on the Discovery Channel and usually any piece that deals with theme parks.