Add some action to your runtime!

First in a collaboration between JSGraphics and Male-M3Dia, Chow for M4 brings your Asian gunslinging and action renders to life.

There are no mirrored body parts in this texture set, every detail is unique, from different facial and torso halves, eyes, elbows to hands, knees and feet. All textures were created in DeepPaint3D and Photoshop CS4 using exclusive photos from a shooting made by Antonio Rodriguez (ProFotograf) with a Vietnamese male model in December 2009.

Chow comes with the following options:

1 x Daz Dialed head INJ/REM
1 x Daz Dialed Body INJ/REM

2 x Head MATS (Browed and Browless)
2 x Body MAT (Nude and Second skin shorts)

2 x Head bump and specular maps (Browed and Browless)
2 x Body bump and specular maps (Nude and Second skin shorts)
1 x limbs bump and specular map
4 x genital bump and specular maps
6 x Eye Colors
6 x second skin shorts MATs options
1 x Lash MAT

* DS MATS are also included and automatically applied in DAZ Studio

Extras include:

* Genital Textures (with matching hip textures for correct matching of the genitals) for the free genitals available at
 * ULF Gens
* Adzan's HiroGens ("The Varsity" and "Ballistica")

System Requirements:

Poser 6, 7 and 8, PoserPro 2010
DAZ|Studio 2.3 and 3
Michael 4 and Morphs++ from
Ulfgens from (optional)
Adzan's HiroGens from (optional)